The media is lying to us. If you love this country, please read until the end. Then decide what to do about it.

Media outlets that supported Trump in 2016 have hidden the truth and outright lied for the last 4 years. They knew that if they were honest, they would lose viewers/listeners/readers and their profits would tank. But this is the truth. I’ve sourced everything here, and whenever possible I’ve sourced from Trump speaking or his administration to avoid media spin.

Trump hasn’t even tried to keep his biggest promises

Across policy issues, the story is consistent.

Trade dealsPresident Trump said NAFTA was “the worst trade…

Over the past several years, there have been countless articles written evaluating our society and politics, but none that I’ve read have answered a central question I have: why did we get a Presidency like Donald Trump’s, so radically different from any previous Presidency, at this specific moment in time? Why did he (or someone like him) come now versus decades ago or at some point in the future?

I’m not a historian, political scientist, or sociologist, but I think there’s a straightforward answer.

1. Mainstream media bias — In the modern age, mainstream media has always had a slight…

After a long holiday break, I’m back with the first installment of the sleep survey analysis. Folks had very strong opinions. Two respondents literally wrote “Sleep is the best” in the comments, which made me think of the person who wrote “Bread is the best” in the comments of the first survey. I’m now contemplating a survey forcing folks to choose what is actually the best thing by pitting all of life’s pleasures against one another. …

For those of you struggling with last-minute holiday gifts for your little rapscallions, I’m resurrecting my series on better versions of classic board games, this time focusing on those for kids. Fair warning: most of these are one notch more complex than the older games I’m dissing and dismissing, but all are very appropriate most elementary kids. For those with very young kids, Animal upon Animal checks in at the youngest, appropriate for ages 4 and up.

Chutes & Ladders

  • What was great about this game — Very little. Ok, that may be a little harsh. This game is designed for REALLY young…

After a long hiatus, I’m back with another Odd Survey analysis, this time on turns of phrase. I asked folks what their first interpretation was of four different common English phrases. Not surprisingly, the results varied significantly by region but not age and gender. For each phrase, I’ll chart out the interpretations by region in which respondents currently live. So giddy up, let’s dig in!

Chart 1: “Where’s your toboggan?”

Most of the world is in agreement that a toboggan is a long wooden sled with a curved front. Not folks in the Southern US, though. More than half of them believe it’s a warm…

It’s October 16, and we all know what that means! Happy…

  • National Liqueur Day
  • Department Store Day
  • Hagfish Day
  • National Dictionary Day

There’s clearly a lot to celebrate! Unfortunately, I didn’t survey people on any of those holidays. But I do have demographic results for lots of others. In case you haven’t read it, here are the aggregate results on the holiday survey. Below is the demographic analysis for the same survey. First, some quick survey results that folks will find fairly intuitive:

  • Remember how people don’t like Valentine’s Day? Well people who grew up outside the United States REALLY…

Many of you who know me know that I think about “return on investment” (ROI) constantly about everything. ROI is focused both on the outcome and what it took to get it. Just yesterday I had a friend tell me I should go to national parks because they’re beautiful (high return). But my retort is that I’m confident I can look at pictures of them on my TV while sitting on my couch. The return might not be as high, but it’s a much lower investment.

So now I’ve brought that lens to holidays, asking people how much they enjoy…

Last week I shared some aggregate results from our bread survey. This week I’m diving into some of the demographic differences in bread preferences. But before I get to that, quick teaser that I just released the second Odd Survey, this one on holidays.

OK, first things first, I sheepishly must confess I made a silly technical error in the first survey that led to underestimating the popularity of breads that many folks had not tried. As a reminder, I asked respondents to rate 17 different types of bread on a scale of 1 to 5. …

Welcome to the first Odd Survey blog, where I do overly elaborate analysis of mundane, impractical topics that I personally find interesting! First up: bread preferences. I received 179 responses, which I dutifully analyzed.[1] This post contains aggregate analysis. Next week I’ll dive into some of the demographic differences.

But before we get to bread, I want to briefly touch on general meal consumption approach. As you can see on the chart below, roughly two thirds of the sample tend to rotate through their meals bite by bite. The remaining third is split evenly between people who tend to eat…

And we’re back with the latest installment in my continuing series on better alternatives to popular games. We’ve already covered abstract strategy games (Yahtzee, Dominoes, Scrabble, Cribbage, and Uno) and themed strategy games (Risk, Clue, Monopoly, Stratego, and Chess). This week we’re covering party games: Scattergories, Taboo, Pictionary, Charades, and Trivial Pursuit.

There’s no single definition to party games, but I have three general rules of thumb:

  • You can learn the rules in 3 minutes
  • The game works well with a group of 7 or more people
  • It’s highly interactive (and ideally generates laughs)

I’m not sure where the term…

Richard Gurley

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